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FREAKSHOW - Carnivale

SCALA™ presents FREAKSHOW – Carnivale
October 2016
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Welcome to this warm desert town.
There’s nobody here, except the old circus crew with their Lion Man, the Three-Arm Sisters, the Tallest Man on Earth, and the Bearded Woman.
We are living in the 20’s and 30’s. Vintage years, no electrical lights, dusty roads with circus carriages scattered around. An old circus tent stands like a proud “old lady” that knows the end is near.
Visitors don’t even dare to enter.
Freaked by the weird people they see inside, “curiosity killed the cat” and they just don’t move, looking through the rusted fence, placed by the circus crew just a few hours ago. Those who do dare to enter, will live an amazing experience of fear, distrust, and loneliness.
The word is out.
People from the nearby towns are reaching out to buy the tickets for this Freak Show. It’s the very same weirdness, the very same curiosity that calls them to come and see things and people they never thought even existed. But they exist. Oh yes, they do.
And they are alive at FREAKSHOW – Carnivale.

Be inspired!

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